Since our inception in 2012, Muslim Bait-Ul-Maal has worked tirelessly to aid those suffering from calamities both man-made and otherwise no matter what their background. Whether it is through providing food supplies, basic necessities, shelter or medical treatment, Muslim Bait-Ul-Maal is committed to doing whatever we can to support people in their time of need.
A disaster often leaves communities destroyed and feeling helpless and Muslim Bait-Ul-Maal has always been, and will continue (In Shaa Allah) to be, a source of hope and comfort in peerless times. We always respond to areas in need that have not received assistance and must rely on aid to survive. Muslim Bait-Ul-Maal is a humanitarian organization and has helped many people. Thanks to its supporters and donors and through your continued support we will continue to do this noble work (In Shaa Allah).